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Welcome to Antique Trunks and Chests! You will find many unique and helpful resources on our website that cover a wide variety of topics from the values of antique trunks to DIY restoration guides.

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DIY Antique Trunk Restoration Guide and Help

Do you have an old antique trunk that is in desperate need of a face lift? Are the handles torn off? Covered in paint? Missing or broken pieces? Lucky for you I have guides, answers and information on about every aspect of restoring or refinishing every type of trunk under the sun. And yes I will even teach you how to reline the inside like a pro.

Learn How to resore your trunk like a pro here
Before Antique restoration

Antique Trunk Values

Most antiques should be left in there original condition but trunks are a different story. Some antique trunks are worth a considerable amount of money, the vast majority are not. Find out how to value your trunk and what it may be worth. You can also find historical information about trunks on our site also.

With proper restoration techniques a trunks value can often be dramatically increased. Anyone can restore a trunk with amazing results following our easy restoration guide. It is not hard but will take a commitment in time and a good bit of old fashioned elbow grease

Antique Trunk Value Information

Before and After Restoration Images

Wondering how awesome an antique trunk can look after a quality restoration? Find out here!

Antique Trunk Images

Historical Trunk Information & Resources

Most antique trunks can be restored or fixed up and have there value increased but this is not always 100% true in a few cases. Antique trunks that were manufactured by Goyard, Louis Vuitton or Martin Maier are highly sought after and can bring in $2,000 to $60,000 at auction to motivated antique trunk collectors.

Here you will find anything from old trunk catalogs to historical images.

Historical Trunk Information
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