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Q. Why does it take two to four weeks for you to ship my trunk?

A. We make every trunk to order. This allows us to offer many different types of trunks and customize any trunk per your request. The most important reason is quality. Rather than mass producing trunks we choose to take our time on each trunk rather than mass producing and pushing them out the door. Another reason is we want you to receive your trunk in 100 percent perfect condition. The longer a trunk sits around the higher the chance of it being scratched, dented, etc.


Q. Why are your trunks so expensive?

A. Because quality and craftsmanship come first.


Q. Why are your trunks so inexpensive?

A. Mostly because we are efficient with our time and waste nothing.


Q. Are you a “Made in America” company?

A. Yes. We also only use made in America materials except for some of the hardware because nobody manufactures it within the United States.


Q. Can you build a custom trunk for me?

A. Yes. Just email us and let us know what you are looking for.


Q. What type of wood finish do you use?

A. It is a polymerizing oil based finish that is NOT similar to polyurethane in any way. It is comprised of Tung oil, Linseed oil, Mineral Spirits, Resin and a variety of other additives. When dry it is nontoxic, remains elastic enough to move with seasonal changes in the wood, hard enough to protect against wear and accidental spills.


Thank you for reading our FAQ.

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