Antique Trunk Appraisal Tools


Antique Trunk Appraisal Tools



eBay is a wonderful tool for finding antique trunk appraisal values for the type of antique trunk you have. By no means is this an end all be all in value evaluation though. What you will want to do is go to the advanced search tool on eBay and search for “Antique Trunk” or similar keywords. Remember to check the box to search sold listings to see what trunks are really selling for.

eBay Advanced Search


Try All Experts.  It is free and most of the experts are really are experts. A great resource especially if you have a rarer type of antique  trunk or chest. There are several experts on there that can give accurate antique trunk appraisals.

All Experts



Craigslist is not a great indicator because it only shows you asking prices. The plus side to Craigslist it gives some of an indicator of local market climate. I find that most prices on Craigslist are very high.



Antique stores and Flea Markets

Retailers generally know what an item will sell for within 90 days. Look at your local Antique stores, flea markets, trade days and other “retail” outlets.  Ask them for an antique trunk appraisal. Please note that if you were to sell your trunk that you may not be able to get what a retail shop can.

Your Local Antique Stores


Ask People in the Business

Write a simple email with pictures and ask people in the business what they think.

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