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Whether you are searching for antique trunk  information, restored antique trunks for sale or restoration services you have come to the right place. Use the main navigation menu below  to easy navigate our site.

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How to Restore an Antique Trunk Guide – (DIY) – Do It Yourself restoration guide

Recommended Restoration Tools – Wonderful tools that can make a restoration much easier

View Trunk Catalogs From The 1800’s – Real catalogs showing trunks for sale from the late 1800’s

Antique Trunk Values – Find how much trunks are really worth

FAQ About Antique Trunks – You have questions, we have answers

Pictures of Restored Trunk – See some of the work we have done

Restoration Services – Let us handle all your restoration needs

Hand Crafted Trunks For Sale – Check out our trunks we make by hand[/su_box]


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