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***I am not currently accepting restoration projects***
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NC1Antique Trunk Restoration Services (available nationwide)

Almost any antique trunk can be restored or refurbished no matter how far gone it is. Paint, rust, damage, and other defects can be repaired and made to look new with modern antique trunk restoration  methods. I offer very detailed, high end restorations with the best and most modern restoration techniques and materials available.

If you decide to have your trunk restored you will be able to track the restoration progress through my client restoration portal. It’s  a password protected webpage that you can log into and view picture updates and information as your trunk moves through the restoration process.


Historical Trunk Restorations and Modern Refinishing

Whether you are seeking a historical type of restoration or would like your trunk to look more modern I have the materials and skills to transform your trunk into something you can be proud of.


Custom Veneering in Over 40 Different Woods

A popular style of antique trunk restoration is to remove the tin, paper or canvas  from some portions of the outside of the trunk.  This exposes the wood underneath. In general the wood that is exposed is very rough, full of blemishes, holes and defects. I have the ability to veneer over this rough wood with a selection of over 40 different species of wood. An example of this is shown below.


The tin on the top of this trunk has been removed and replaced with Ash wood veneer. Veneer is thinly sliced wood of extremely high quality  that can be pressed onto the trunk where the tin used to be. Veneering does not have to be done and is only an option.

Before antique restoration

Before Restoration

After antique trunk Restoration

After Restoration

Antique trunk after restoration picture

After Restoration








A brief Overview of the Restoration Process

Your trunk will be completely broken down into all of its basic components.  Trunk hardware is removed, cleaned, primed, painted and clear coated. The wood slats are also removed and cleaned, sanded and finished with a polymerized Tung Oil finish. Leather components are replaced with real leather that is period correct. Slat clamps and hardware can either be painted in black or brilliant silver. Any trunk can be refinish or restored to  your specifications.

Before Antique restoration

Before Restoration

Picture of a refinished old trunk

After restoration

affter trunk restoration picture

After Restoration








Interior Lining and Restoration

The inside of the trunk will be stripped of all the old paper or cloth, cleaned, sanitized and all odors will be removed. I can either leave the inside of the trunk in its original wood interior, line with fabric  or do a combination of both. I can also build  a custom tray if yours is missing.

Restored Antique Trunk

After antique trunk Restoration

Picture of restored antique trunk







Cost of Restoration Services

The cost of antique trunk restoration services varies greatly depending on what you would like to have done. Generally speaking costs range from $350 to $1,200 dollars on the very high end plus shipping each way. I do not require an upfront payment and you will have 90 days to pay once the restoration is completed.

If you are interested in having your trunk professionally restored with the utmost care please use the antique trunk restoration service form below or email me. We can then discuss the restoration in length and detail. You may also be interested in viewing before and after pictures of  restored antique trunks.

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***I am not currently accepting restoration projects***

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***I am not currently accepting restoration projects***

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