Antique Trunk Restoration Process

As a lover of history and family heirlooms I understand how important is for you to understand how the entire process works. Below are the steps that are involved in a restoration from start to finish.

1) You contact me with good quality pictures of your trunk.

2) We will then discuss the details of your restoration and exactly what you would like the trunk to look like when it is done. This can be done either through email, over the phone or in person if you are local.

3) I will then email you a firm quote listing all the work that will be done and how much the restoration will cost. This is a firm quote meaning that will NEVER ask you for another penny UNLESS you change your mind about something. Remember that you will have to pay return shipping also.

4) If you decide that you would like to have your trunk restored after reviewing the quote I will have you sign a very short contract/release form. It is about half a typed page and it says if you do not pay me the agreed amount within 90 days of the completion of the restoration, after 9 notification I reserve the right to sell your trunk.

5) You then will ship your trunk to me either by USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL or by Greyhound Bus Lines.

6) Once I receive your trunk I will set up a portal you can log into and view the progression of the restoration through pictures and text updates.

7) Once the restoration is complete and you are satisfied with the restoration after viewing pictures of your trunk I will set up a payment portal for you. You may pay by check, money order or credit card.

8) Once payment has cleared I will ship your trunk back to you within three businesses days.

You are more than welcome to contact me at anytime during the processes with questions or concerns.

Restoration Information

Restoration Services – We can restore any trunk for you

Pictures of Restored Trunk – See some of the work we have done

About Me – Learn who I am

Contact Me – Email, Shipping/Mailing Address and Phone



5 thoughts to “Antique Trunk Restoration Process”

  1. Matt, I just found an embossed tin chest for $20.! It is in ok not good shape for it’s age. Gutted of course. There are a couple of bad spots where the tin has worn through. One is embossed but will be under the hand strap (which is rotted) the other is on a corner. Probably where it was put down & rust set in. How can I repair that tin?

  2. I do have an old steamer trunk I would love to have it restored without me doing it after looking at the pictures of the trunks I definitely want it redone and yours look the best I can and will pay up front it came over on the mayflower was a 16th birthday present from my grandparents and would like it to be restored inside and out .. Thank you and there was no phone number for me to call for you to come give me a quote I live in Gilbert Az

  3. Matt,
    I just admire the work you do on these trunks, they are so beautiful. But I’m going to attempt to restore a couple of trunks that I’ve acquired through an estate sale. I noticed when looking for parts and leather straps, I did find a few websites with the latches and fasteners and leather straps. But couldn’t find any tin replacement since I have a trunk that has tin embellishment. Could you suggest where I could find any? I really have a great love for theses trunks and this definitely is a challenge, but love your videos, can’t wait for the newer ones, looking forward to watching. You are a great teacher. If you can help me with any restoration, I really want to try a hand in this myself. Thanks for doing this, these trunks are definitely heirlooms forever.

    1. Thank you for the nice comments Debra. Tin can be very hard to find, especially if it is the embossed type of tin. Send me some pictures of what you are needing to replace at . I will either be able to tell you how to replace it with a modern substitute, find original tin or repair what is still existing. Sometimes extremely damaged tin can be repaired and brought back to life.

      Look forward to speaking with you!

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