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FAQ About Antique Trunks


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Q. What is the difference between a trunk and a chest?
A. A trunk has handles and a chest does not.


Q. Why are some trunks dome toped and some flat toped or kind of in between?
A. It was just a matter of design and style. No functional reason exists for the difference except forĀ aesthetic reasons.


Q. Is my trunk worth a lot of money?
A. Possibly but most likely not. See our page about antique trunk values.


Q. Where can I find an old trunk to purchase?
A. Try Craigslist for the best deals; antique malls and flea market type venues generally have higher prices.


Q. What purpose did trunks serve?
A. A trunk is what we in the modern world refer to as luggage, when people from the 19th century would travel they would put their personal belongings in a trunk, therefore using it as luggage.


Q. How many trunk manufactures were in the USA?
A. I am unsure of this but it was thousands, after the Civil War the railroad industry was in full swing. The completion of the transcontinental railroad along with many other lines allowed people to travel farther and faster than ever before. This gave birth too many trunk manufacturers.


Q. My trunk is very ornate and decorated. How did they make all the hardware and embossed tin back then?
A. Even though we are talking about a time period over 100 years ago casting, machining and metal working was much more advanced than most people understand today.


Q. What is a steamer trunk? Are all trunks a steamer trunk? What does” streamer” mean?

A. A common term in our society is steamer trunk. We use this word to describe antique trunks, old trunk and vintage looking trunks. A steamer trunk in historical terms is a trunk that was used for travel by ship, or steamship. True steamer trunks are about 14 inches tall in order to save room on steamships.


Q. I think that my trunk may have come from Italy, France, Germany or some other European country when my relatives immigrated to the US.

A. Most likely not. A huge majority of trunks in the US are of US manufacture. It is very unlikely that the trunk you have was ever outside of the US.


Q. Can you tell me who made my trunk?

Most likely not unless your truck has very specific types of hardware on it or there is a makers label on the inside.


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