Highly Recomended Antique Trunk Restoration Tools 2018-03-02T10:12:08-07:00

Recommended Trunk Restoration Tools

These are the same tools I use on a daily basis.

These End-Nippers (if that’s a word) are exceptional at pulling and cutting old nails.

The perfect tool for lift and prying old nails and tacks from trunks.

A must have for removing paper from the interior of trunks.

I use this as a nailing heel.

Best spray bottles I have found. Fine spray and stream adjustment, they don’t leak. What else can I say.

Small enough to fit into tight spots. Using a small hammer also keeps you from hitting your trunk with to much force.

This is what I use to replace damaged sheet metal on trunks.

Good bye rust and grime.

Best primer on earth.

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