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Restored Martin Maier Trunk

This a rare style slat trunk that was crafted by Martin Maier & Co. of Detroit, MI. The date of manufacture is from circa 1909. Maier was know for making superior, high quality trunks. This type of trunk is often called a “slat trunk” since the trunk is constructed with all slats.

This truck was previously restored in the 1960’s – 1970’s unprofessionally. I took this trunk back to an almost original appearance as it would have looked when first crafted. This style of trunk is very desirable among consumers and collectors alike.

Picture of a martin maier trunk
Martin Maier trunk showing Are old trunks worth money
Picture of a antique steamer trunk made by martin maier
picture of an antique steamer trunk by martin maier
Martin Maier Oak SLat Trunk
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