Pictures of Restored Antique Trunks

Before and after photos of restored antique trunks

This is a dome top trunk that was crafted around 1880 – 1900. The damaged sheet metal was removed and replaced with Ash hardwood veneer.  The inside was striped of all the old paper, sanded smooth and finished with a Tung Oil based finish. While trunks were not originally meant to have wood showing on the outside it is very popular in the modern world.
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Antique Trunk History


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4 thoughts to “Pictures of Restored Antique Trunks”

  1. I have an old child’s trunk that is covered with metal(tin) the hinges on the back are small an have caused the wood to break, can I replace and how would I, or should I just use bigger hinges

  2. i have an old trunk. built using small square nails. flat box type. wood some leather light material covering. a name engraved in one center wood slat. says. Geo Wm Johnson can you tell me anything about this?

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